Course Sustainable & Healthy Nutrition

The whole food ecosystem is facing challenges that keep it from meeting both sustainable and nutritional needs. These challenges can only be met if there is a proper understanding of how to deal with the dilemma between the qualitative and quantitative aspects of sustainability and nutrition. We also need to look beyond just the product and take into consideration people's eating habits and the choices they make when it comes to their daily consumption.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Mon 2 October 2023

Duration 2 days, 16 hours
Price EUR 1,495.00

Registration deadline: 4 September 2023

Why follow this course?

This course enables you to deliberate, calculate, and review the current and future product portfolio, on qualitative and quantitative aspects of sustainability and nutrition. This will improve for example your communication towards business clients and consumers with regard to the topic.

The content of the training is very good. Wageningen University & Research is obviously an expert in how to translate research results into practical knowledge – techniques that can be applied in the daily work environment. Sustainability aspects of food are highlighted from different perspectives and translated to smart solutions. Even though the content is very complex it becomes clear and easily understandable allowing us to implement the gained knowledge immediately in our airline catering work.
Marit de Jong, Manager Food & Beverages and Catering International Stations, KLM, 2021 edition participant

Is this course for you?

This course is intended for professionals working throughout the whole food ecosystem. This includes the food industry, food service, food retail and f.i. consultants or people from education or research. The course provides hands-on tools to compare foods on health and sustainability aspects, and will help to make policy decisions for the own organisation. This is occurring in a strong context of changing consumer behaviour and demand regarding health and sustainability.

Programme & topics

The programme consists of key-notes and practical assignments. There is plenty of time for discussion and interaction between the participants and experts during the course.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Different quality of proteins
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Food waste prevention, reduction and utilisation
  • Dietary patterns in different food environments
  • Role of behaviour change towards climate-friendly diets
  • A business example of healthy and sustainable nutrition by a business speaker

Practical information

€1,495.- for two days, including tuition, course materials, coffee/tea, lunch, diner (on the first day) and a closure with drinks and bites.

Max. 25 participants.

More information and registration

You can register for this course or download the flyer. Questions? Contact Wageningen Academy.