What will you learn from participating the EMBA in Food & Agribusiness

Published on
June 14, 2018

The Executive MBA (EMBA) in Food & Agribusiness is developed with the clear purpose and objective to provide education for early career high potentials in the Food & Agribusiness. Have you thought about growing beyond your current position? Do you have the ambition to become a responsible future leader in the Food & Agribusiness industry? Discover what you can learn from joining the EMBA in Food & Agribusiness.

Objective & purpose

The need of lifelong learning has become more essential in these days. The global business world is calling for well-prepared business leaders. Leaders who possess knowledge and solid business skills , who are able to see the `bigger picture` and also have the desire to make positive impact in society.  How will our EMBA programme contribute to achieve this? It encompasses academic, personal and societal development brought together in the specific context of Food & Agribusiness. The programme offers state-of-the-art academic insights and combines with best practises from renowned business leaders.

Academic development

The combination of work and study offers an intense yet very productive learning environment. You will be given new theory, best practises, insights and overall perspectives on how your specific product is part of the global supply chain, business models and markets. There are three learning blocks.

- Block 1. The role of business in a complex world
- Block 2. Positioning for long term sustainable value
- Block 3. Making it happen / Change for impact

Each block closes with high level integration modules on key issues and challenges specific to Food & Agribusiness. A final Management project, the so called Capstone project, which is your final proof of EMBA-level integral management skills, will be specific to a Food & Agribusiness case, supervised by scholars from Wageningen University & Research.

Personal development

You will be brought out of your comfort zone and will be challenged in discovering what your personality is, how you deal with challenges, what your qualities are and how to stay true to your own style. You will grow your self-confidence and improve your strategic-skills.  Being able to consider new and often confronting strategies, exercising judgement to make decisions and motivating people are key skills of good leaders which we will help you to develop.

Societal development

The Food & Agribusiness industry faces many challenges and is confronted with new developments daily. Changing business models, supply chains and management requires you to stay on top of your market. Food security is not a simple given fact. In our MBA programme you will learn about the latest trends but even more important also about possible long-term scenario’s and effects. In other words, we will teach you how to overview challenges, opportunities and especially how to place them in the wider global Food & Agribusiness context.

In short, the Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness offers you all tools needed to enhance your career and become a responsible leader in the Food & Agribusiness sector. 

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