Working together in diverse teams

What is the secret to successful teams, and how does it work in a diverse and international setting? How do you work optimally together when working remotely, in different time zones, or across physical and cultural borders? How do you create a spirit of teamwork and empowerment within diverse teams?

Why take this course?

This tailor-made course aims to make participants aware of their own perceptions and actions, as well as their impact on others. After the course, participants will have a better sense of how interaction works, what makes collaboration run smoothly, and what can lead to misunderstandings, irritation, or uncertainty.

The course is enlightening and can be a real eye-opener. It can motivate participants to cooperate and interact with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, in person and online.

Tailor-made course

We tailor this course to organisations, departments and teams. By means of an intake, we first assess your needs and requirements. This helps us to work toward tailor-made solutions that really work, with a programme that is adapted to all involved.

The course is available on our premises, in-company, or online. A combination is also possible. The costs depend on your specific wishes. You will always receive a tailor-made quote.

    Are you interested?

    Would you like more information or are you interested in this course? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customised offerings department.