FAQ Wageningen in'to Languages

1. I have completed my registration. Where can I find the timetable?

You can find the timetable on your personal page. If you are taking a course offered by Wageningen in'to Languages and already have an account, you can log in with your details.

Your e-mail address is your username. If you are not yet a student with us, you can create an In'to account on this page. You need an account to register for a course.

2. How do I complete my registration for a course?

A. Before registration there may be admission requirements in the form of an Oxford Placement Test and/or a written assignment. View the admission requirements for each course on our website.

B. Select the course for which you want to register and click on register.

C. You need an account to register. Are you a course participant with us and do you already have an account? Select the course, open the registration form and log in with your details. Your e-mail address is your username. If you are not yet a student with us, you can create an In'to-account using the registration form. Please note: registration does not mean you have definitively enrolled in a course.

D. We will send you an invoice by email in the week the course starts.

E. You will receive official confirmation of enrolment about 10 days before the start of the course. The course starts when there are enough participants.

3. The languages I want to learn is not offered on your website or I do not see a suitable learning path. What are my option?

If so desired, we can put together a tailor-made programme for you. These tailor-made programmes are offered for individual students as well as for groups. Prior to each tailor-made training course, we determine the starting level, learning objectives and wishes during an initial interview. Based on this information we will draw up a quotation for you. Our office in Nijmegen offers a wide range of language courses as well.

4. What is the difference between Social Dutch and Basic Dutch?

These courses cater to different target groups. Social Dutch is offered to WUR students. Basic Dutch is intended for international employees and PhD candidates at Wageningen University & Research. External participants are also welcome.

5. There are no starting dates on the website yet. Is it possible for you to inform me about the new start dates once they are known?

It may be that it is not yet possible to register for the next course period. If you wish, we will inform you as soon as registration is possible. Please use this form to indicate that you are interested in one of our courses.

6. I don't see any information about the course on Brightspace.

The course will be visible in Brightspace as of the first class.

Log in to Brightspace through this link.

Log in with your WUR email address or Guest account number.

If you cannot log in, please contact the Wageningen in’to Languages Service Centre.

7. I have problems logging in to my personal page.

8. When is an initial interview prior to registration mandatory?

We will administer a brief intake test to assess the level of your French/Spanish language skills before you register. To this end, you will have a short phone conversation with the course teacher. This will make sure you register for the right course. Intakes are held for French/Spanish 2 through 4. You can register for French/Spanish 1 without an intake. The intake is free of charge. Please email your phone number to into@wur.nl or call +31 (0)317 48 25 52 to make an appointment for the intake.

If you want to enrol in Social Dutch 2*, 3 or 4, Basic Dutch 2*, Intermediate Dutch 1, 2 and Advanced Dutch 1, 2, 3, an initial interview is mandatory if you have not followed the previous level at Wageningen in'to Languages. If you do not yet have any knowledge of the Dutch language, you can register for the course at the beginners’ level without an initial interview.

Please contact our Service Centre (into@wur.nl/ 0317-482552) to make an appointment for the initial interview.

* Is your native language German? Then you have the opportunity to start with Social Dutch 2 or Basic Dutch 2 on the condition that you study chapters 1 through 5 of the course manual before you start.

9. I have not yet received any official confirmation and course information after my registration.

Your enrolment will only become final after you have met the admission requirements and after you provided the payment details for invoicing. You will receive official confirmation from us about 10 days before the start of the course. The course starts when there are enough participants.

10. How do you determine my current language level?

The language level is determined in different ways for each language. If you have some prior knowledge of a language, an initial interview or a test can be used to determine the language level. Generally speaking, for our Dutch courses, initial interviews are scheduled, and sometimes additional tests. For our foreign languages, such as French and Spanish, initial interviews are conducted by telephone. For our English courses, an Oxford Placement Test and/or a writing assignment is required. Always check the admission requirements on the information page of the language in question.

11. Do I need to prepare for the Oxford Placement Test?

The Oxford Placement Test establishes a baseline measurement. The test gives an indication of your current English language level. If you like to prepare yourself somewhat for this test, you can immerse yourself in the English language by watching an English film, reading an English book, listening to English radio stations or doing a (free) language test online.

12. What are the conditions to follow the courses Social Dutch 1 and 2 for free?

The courses Social Dutch 1 & 2 are part of the pilot Free Social Dutch Courses for bachelor’s and master’s students of Wageningen University & Research. These are free for students who attend 80% of the classes (12 of the 15). If a student fails to meet this attendance requirement, they will receive a €90 invoice at the end of the course.
See our General Terms and Conditions for more information.

13. I want to move up to the next level. What are the conditions for this?

Once you have successfully completed a course, you can move on to the next level. If the course in question is concluded with an exam, this exam must have been passed. For courses that are not concluded with an exam, attendance and participation requirements apply.

Always check the admission requirements on our website. If you are not sure whether you meet the admission requirements, please contact the Service Centre.

14. I want to cancel my course enrolment. Is that possible?

If you want to cancel your course enrolment, you must do so in writing via into@wur.nl.
Our General terms & conditions apply to cancellation of course enrolment.

15. Do you have offices elsewhere?

In’to Languages has an office in Wageningen and an office in Nijmegen.

16. I am not a student. Can I enrol for a student course?

In principle, anyone can register for a student course. However, these courses are designed to complement Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. Therefore, always discuss your learning goals with In'to Languages, so that we can advise you on the right course for you. Different fees apply to non-students.

Please note: Social Dutch 1, 2, 3 and 4 are an exception. These courses are only available to students.

17. Are there any courses for WUR staff?

We offer an extensive range of English courses for staff members. You will learn English in accordance with your own wishes and which focuses on your own field of work.

We also offer French, Spanish and Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Dutch courses.

18. Are your courses also open to external students?

External students can register for most of our courses. View our range of courses here.

19. I am not able to register. What could be the problem?

Do you already have an account with Wageningen in'to Languages? An account is required to register for a course. Create an account through this link.

It is possible that your browser memory blocks our website. Perhaps you need to delete your cookies and cache memory.

If you have tried the above and still cannot log in, please contact the Service Centre.

20. How do you schedule the classes.

When scheduling classes, we take into account mandatory lesson-free weeks such as examination weeks, re-examination weeks, study weeks and holidays. However, there may be periods in which regular classes are given and exams are administered. We take the students’ timetables into account as much as possible, but cannot always guarantee that classes are scheduled in examination-free periods.

The class schedule is posted on our website well in advance of the start of the corresponding course. You yourself are responsible for determining whether this schedule fits with your study and professional obligations.

21. Where do you opt for a short course design?

The minimum number of participants for many of our courses is 10. In practice, it is not always feasible to maintain this minimum requirement. In order to serve students to our best extent, and if possible, we also offer shortened courses for smaller groups. In small groups more personal attention may be given to each student during lessons and less time is needed to cover a certain amount of material. The fee remains the same with this change in course design. The result obtained at the end of the course is the same after all. This also enables us to cover expenses for smaller groups. If we are considering offering a shortened course, we will ask you in advance whether you agree to such an arrangement. You can rest assured that we will not shorten a course if this should compromise course content. In such a case we will cancel the entire course in question.