General English language courses (Cambridge Examination Preparation)

Cambridge Certificates are official, globally-recognised certificates in English.

We organise courses that prepare students for the following Cambridge exams

English B1 course - Cambridge Preliminary

If you already have a basic level of English (A2), you can have a simple conversation about everyday matters and understand simple English texts on familiar topics. Would you like to expand your English vocabulary and grammar, so that you can pick up more details from conversations and texts and write simple texts yourself?

English B2 course - Cambridge First

Do you already have a solid foundation and command of English at B1 level, but would you like to be able to have a more complex conversation fluently or write a detailed text?

English C1 course - Cambridge Advanced

Are you already an advanced learner and have mastered English at the B2 level? Can you hold a complex conversation and write a detailed text fluently? Would you like to significantly increase your vocabulary and be able to communicate with more subtlety in academic and professional situations?

Business English Course (C1) – Business Higher

Are you already an advanced learner? Do you have a command of English at the B2 level and want to do business professionally and successfully in English or work more easily at an international organisation? Would you like to communicate with international business partners or organisations more confidently and flexibly?

English C2 course - Cambridage Proficiency

Are you already an advanced learner? Do you have a command of English at the C1 level and want to develop your language skills further to a native speaker’s level?

These courses are offered in collaboration with our partner organisation Radboud in'to Languages. More information and registration is through the website of Radboud in'to Languages.

Target group

The courses are suitable for anyone who needs to speak English at a professional level, such as students and teachers involved in English-language degree programmes.

Interested? Please visit the website of our partner organisation Radboud in'to Languages.