Learning a language online, how does that work at In’to?

What does that mean?

The course you normally take at one of our locations can now be taken online in the Virtual Classroom in Brightspace. It may take some getting used to, but it works very well.

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How does the Virtual Classroom work?

In a Virtual Classroom, just like in a real meeting, you can discuss theory, share knowledge and experiences, do exercises, give and receive feedback and experiment with other forms of learning. Learning a language in the Virtual Classroom is similar to taking a regular class, but of course some things will be different. It may take some getting used to the technology and some of the assignments and working methods will be slightly different.

What to expect?

Personal attention from an expert teacher This is central to all our courses. Our teachers and trainers are all experts in online teaching. They are flexible and think along with you. Together you work on answering your questions and achieving your learning goals.

Group lessons on fixed dates and times You will receive group lessons on fixed dates and times in the Virtual Classroom.

Slides or whiteboard In the Virtual Classroom, you see your teacher and the slides or a whiteboard, just like in a real classroom.

Interaction with teacher and fellow students In addition to explanations and instructions, classes consist of interaction with the teacher and your fellow students. You can talk to each other using video chat, use the chat box and ask questions.

Working together in small groups In addition, you can work together in smaller groups in separate virtual ‘rooms’.

Interactive methods and online assignments The teacher uses various interactive methods and uses online assignments and tests.

Homework and teaching materials in the online learning environment Each week, the homework and teaching materials are made available for you in the online learning environment.

What will you need?

A computer / laptop with webcam and microphone and a good internet connection
A headset, headphones or in-ear headphones work best. You do not need to download any separate programmes to participate in the course.

Google Chrome
The Virtual Classroom works best using Google Chrome, so make sure you install that browser on your computer.

Course Materials
If applicable, please do not forget to purchase the necessary teaching materials, as described on the website and in the confirmation email you receive from us.

Before the course starts, you will receive clear instructions on how to log in and what you can do in preparation for the course. After that, you can get started right away.

Have fun with your course in the Virtual Classroom!