Advanced Dutch 3 (online)

Do you already speak quite good Dutch but would like to be able to express yourself with greater nuance, detail, and finesse? Would you like to feel more confident when you are communicating with your colleagues or fellow students? Do you crave more depth in your conversations when you are conversing with your Dutch friends and colleagues? Would you like to expand your vocabulary, practice your communication skills, and even learn about typical Dutch things? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then the Advanced Dutch 3 course is for you!

Target group

The course is for international employees, PhD candidates or expats who already have a knowledge of Dutch but want to learn Dutch in order to communicate in different informal and formal contexts (e.g. during a study programme or training course or in the workplace).

Course level

Entry level: Halfway to B2 (CEFR)
Level on completion: B2 (CEFR)

Course content

What will this course teach you?

During the course, grammar will always be examined in a communicative context and in functional situations.

For example: When you learn about giving or requesting advice, you will simultaneously learn about ‘should’ and ‘would’, because knowledge of these verb constructions are useful and relevant to being able to politely give or request advice at a higher language level.

Culture and history influence the language of a country, which is why this course also covers interesting and relevant aspects of Dutch culture and history. Knowledge of these subjects makes it easier to understand Dutch people and their reactions.

During the course, you will also receive information about the State Examination for Dutch as a Second Language (Nt2), Programme II. You will learn about what the examination entails, which sections it includes and how you can use the examination for practising your skills. This will subsequently help you to decide whether it would be useful for you to take part in this examination, which is organised by the Dutch government.

Admission requirements

For this course you need prior knowledge of Dutch. You can sign up for this course, if you have participated in Advanced Dutch 2.

Have you studied Dutch before? Then make an appointment via for an intake interview to discuss which course is suitable.

Dates and times

Day Start date End date Time
Tuesday 3 October 2023 23 January 2024 08:30-10:00 hrs.

View the full schedule here.

This course is offered annually in March and October.

If you would like to take this course but it is either full or does not list a starting date that suits you, please click here and you will be notified once you can sign up for new dates.


You follow the course entirely online using the Virtual Classroom in Brightspace.

Number of meetings

14 classes each 1,5 hours.


3 to 4 hours per week.

Course materials

Nederlands op niveau, ISBN: 9789046904411.

After having registered for this course, you will receive additional information about the course materials in due time.


After the course you will receive a certificate from Wageningen in’to Languages, provided you have attended at least 80% of the classes.


WUR employees and partners Free of charge - The costs can be borne by the department/Sciences Group where you work. Read more about this.
WUR employees and PhD candidates €535
Regular fee €550

The course price does not include course materials.