Velkommen! Have a look at our Norwegian courses.

There are many reasons to learn Norwegian. Are you going on an exchange programme to Norway? Or are you moving to Norway for work or love? A second home in a rural area? Or do you just love Norwegian? 
Whatever your reason, In'to Languages is the right place to learn Norwegian!

Our Norwegian groupcourses

We offer the following Norwegian courses in collaboration with our partner Radboud in'to Languages:


WUR students pay only € 60,-* if they meet the requirements and get 10% discount on the regular course price if they do not meet the requirements.

WUR employees receive a 10% discount on the regular course price.

Requirements of group courses Nijmegen for WUR students

BSc/MSc WUR Students*€ 60

  • Excluding course material and resit.
  • We don't accept cash payments.

* This price applies only to students with a signed authorisation form. Students pay € 60 if they need this language course for an internship/thesis abroad. The internship/thesis is part of their prescribed study programme/approved set of MSc examination subjects. The chair group must pay the remaining amount.

Consent form

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