As an employee at Wageningen University & Research, you have the opportunity to choose from a large selection of language courses. We can put together a customised language course for you or your department that is entirely geared towards your level, discipline and learning goals. You can also take part in one of our courses as part of the university’s Language Guideline or attend one of our regular group courses. In addition to this, you can use our translation and editing services.

Language Guideline

To further promote the internationalisation of Wageningen University & Research, the university gives all employees covered by the Language Guideline the opportunity to take a Dutch or English course.

Language courses for employees*

*As Wageningen University & Research employee, you receive a discount on the regular course fees. The costs of Dutch and English courses can be borne by the department/Sciences Group where you work. Check the Language Guideline for more information.

Tailor-made courses

Would you like to learn a new language or master a new communication skill at your own pace and in your own environment, whenever it suits you best?

We will find a fitting solution for any question you may have or language you want to learn.

More information about a tailor-made course

Intensive language programmes

If you want to considerably improve your linguistic skills quickly, you can attend one of our Intensive Language Programmes or our one-day English boost camps.

In-service training courses for lecturers

And for scientists

Translation and editing service

If you require any translation or editing services, please contact our Translation service.

T:+31 (0)317 48 20 80