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Global Guest

Global Guest is a program in which WUR students from around the world give guest lectures to high school students. With this program, high school students gain better insights into the daily life in other cultures and countries. A Global Guest offers the opportunity to deal with global themes with an (experiential) expert from the relevant area, country or continent. A Global Guest is also excellent for use in language teaching (native speakers).

The international students and researchers talk about a topic related to their study or about their personal background. In this program students gain better insights into international developments and the challenges of daily life in other cultures and countries.

Current topics

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  • Invite a native French-speaking student so that the students can put their language skills into practice. Subject: French
  • Natalia (Costa Rica), currently undertaking a Master's in Water & Land Management at the WUR. Natalia can introduce students to the meaning of the Costa Rican term "Pura Vida" and explore tropical rainforest wildlife. Topic: Costa Rica's biodiversity and the impact of climate change on communities and ecosystems.
  • Komal (India), currently enrolled in a Master's in Biotechnology at the WUR, previously completed a master's in Botany in Delhi. Learn more about India or delve deeper into various biological topics with Komal. Subjects: English and Biology
  • Jiaxin (China), currently pursuing an MSc in Geo-Information Science at WUR, holds bachelor's and master's degrees in "Landscape" from the University of Beijing. Jiaxin is happy to share insights with the students about the similarities and differences between China and the Netherlands. Subject: Cross-disciplinary.

Previous topics

  • Community farming; a project from Nicaragua in which the local community helps to improve the quality of their lives. Subject: cross-curricular
  • Wastewater Management; The differences between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Subject: Biology.
  • Personal history of a student from Uganda. Subject: English

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