Case Food for Mars and Moon (in development)

When people go to Mars or to the Moon, this will most likely be for a longer period. Maybe even forever! To survive on Mars or the Moon, it is necessary that sufficient and healthy food is available. To realize this, it might be an option to grow your own food using the available soil and water (ice). Find out the similarities and differences between the Earth, Mars and the Moon!


Motivated HAVO and VWO students who want to take on more challenges, work in a multidisciplinary team on an assignment formulated by an expert from Wageningen University & Research. The class is divided into teams that function as a consultancy, hence the project name Junior Consultancy Training. At the end of the process, students present their end product to the exert.


The costs for a class of no more than twenty students are € 400. The costs of an additional pupil are € 17.50 per person.


Do you have questions about this Junior Consultancy Training or do you want to join with your class? Let us know via the contact form on this website.