Summer School experiences

Are you still considering whether participating in Wageningen summer school is something for you? Read the experiences of students who participated in a summer course or watch the after movie of Wageningen Summer School 2017.

"I find it very valuable when people from different levels in the field, different expertise’s and experiences come together." - Alessandra, USA

"The summer school had a nice balance between doing written work, reading and actually doing practicals. I took in so much information during this course." - Georgina, UK

"I am really happy that I met people from all over Europe and made some friends and contacts during this summer school." - Kristina, Republic of Serbia

"I really liked the summer school because of the insights in a new culture and to experience the research field abroad." - Jemina, Finland

"I was surprised about the scientific level of the speakers. They were really prepared and they made me feel that I have a lot to learn still." - Giovanni, Italy

"During the course I met colleagues from all over the world. Besides I also get to know research groups of which I have never heard about before. That was really cool." - Laura, Denmark

"I really enjoyed the summer school because the professors in Wageningen make the students think more, they question you a lot." - Yu, Japan

"I liked the kind of openness and friendliness of the staff and the people here. It is refreshing to see such a collaborative environment." - Justin, USA

"I feel very privileged to have come to Wageningen. I have met very brilliant researchers, very dedicated researchers, and very inspiring too." - Seniyat, Nigeria