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* The 2022 FISSN fund is combined with the 2022 KickStart Fund Student Life. There will be no separate FISSN round in 2022.*

Do you have an idea for improving the social network among students and to improve student well-being at Wageningen University and Research? We received new funds from the Quality Agreements to realise your ideas. Become project leader of your own team! For example, to fill the gap between students who do not ‘naturally’ get connected to the traditional (big) student organizations or who do not know how to meet and get to know other students easily.

What is the ‘Informal Student Support Network’?

The Informal Student Support Network is a collection of student initiatives which are funded by the university. You, as a student initiator, may apply for funding  and may  manage the implementation of your own idea.  

The funding for these projects originates from the Quality Agreements, the budgets freed up by the introduction of the Dutch Student Loan System.

Projects of 2021

Creative studio workshops

The creative studio workshops are meant to give students a nice break from studying. With that, the participants connect with new people in a relaxed atmosphere and feel welcome. The setting of these workshops is meant to be approachable and easy-going, to provide for a relaxed setting where people feel good with themselves and others. Information on all workshops will become accessible through the Facebook page of Spectrum.

First-generation students

Being the first of your family or social circle to attend university can give rise to specific challenges that are not so much relevant for other students. Many first-generation students lack role models in their private environment that tells them in an informal way how to study successfully and make the best of their student life. This project aims to form a community of first-generation students in which they can share experiences, connect with alumni and discuss the common challenges and opportunities together.


The goal of the project ‘Giftedness’ is to both create awareness on, and provide guidance to students and teachers regarding giftedness at Wageningen University & Research. Giftedness is a gift, which can only improve life by learning how to unwrap it properly. This cannot merely be achieved by acknowledging or accepting it, but by actively doing something with it. More information can be found on their webpage.

Grief and Writing sessions

Students, being in their twenties, can be confronted with grief for the first time in their lives, by the passing away of a grandparent, parent, friend, classmate or relative. Sharing personal stories and giving voice to feelings of loneliness, grief, sadness and powerlessness can be healing. Writing exercises under professional guidance help to facilitate the sharing. Stay posted to the Facebook page of Spectrum for the sessions or get in touch via their website.

Inspiration evenings

In this project, students will try to listen with their body and being to an inspirational text using ‘Lectio Divina’. In this old monastic technique, they take a small part of a text and ‘digest’ it in four steps: by reading, meditation, responding and contemplation. The gained insights are then brought into the group to share. It is of great value to hear the rich perspectives, experiences and little insights from students from all over the world, from all different spiritual backgrounds. Stay posted to their Facebook page to see when the next Inspiration Evening is organised!

Living room internal lounge

An international living room was started in Campus Plaza where students with an international mindset can come during the day and during weekends to meet up. In the evening activities are organised by ESN and ISOW.

Religious literacy

Religious literacy is an understanding of the historic and contemporary interconnections of religion with cultural, political, and social life. It aims to utilise the ability to use knowledge to promote allyship with peer students and engage in dialogue on issues of religious or spiritual concern. The project will be further described and promoted on the webpage of CSF Wageningen.

Science of Sleep

Prerequisite of good mental health is being well-rested. Sleep is a complex daily activity and its effectiveness relies on miscellaneous factors. This project aims to inform students of the science behind a good night’s sleep but also organises meetings in which students discuss the theory together, relating it to their own experience under the guidance of an expert trainer. This way, students become more rested and improve their mental health with help of science and the support of their peer students. The activities will be promoted on their website, be sure to check it out!

Student activities at Hoevestein

With many activities come to a halt as a result of the Corona pandemic, students have to rely a lot on their housemates for social connections and support. To stimulate bonding with them and their other fellow students, activities are organised by the student board of the student bar Woeste Hoeve for all students to participate in and connect with their peers. Find more information on their Facebook page!

Student Sustainability Empowerment Programme

The programme empowers students while paying special attention to the distress caused by environmental issues. During the project, students will discover their capacity to act on their environmental concerns by regularly exchanging ideas related to sustainability, receiving guidance from professionals and students, and interact with other participants in small groups. The project will be publicly organised by study association Aktief Slip at the end of 2021.

Wageningen Student Farm

Wageningen Student Farm is a platform for students passionate about sustainable agriculture. The goal is to offer an opportunity for students to bring their knowledge of organic farming and biobased-production of all forms into practice, all the while sharing and spreading enthusiasm and engagement. For this purpose, many projects and gatherings off and on their field are facilitated. Check out their website!

What projects are eligible for this fund?

Your project must meet a set of criteria to ensure the money of this fund is invested in its intended goal. Your project must either:

  • Strengthen the social network among/of students;
  • Enhance the social well-being of students;
  • Offer help, guidance and support to other students;
  • Make fellow students feel welcome and at home.

Moreover, your idea must be something new compared to what already is being organized in Wageningen. Finally, it should be inclusive for any type of Wageningen University student.

How can you start your own project?

Your project will be assessed by a committee of two staff and two student members. For their assessment and for getting a clear picture of your idea, they need some information. For that, you need to fill in the form which is downloadable at the bottom of this page.

If you have questions or need help in filling in the form, you can contact Liesbeth van der Linden.

Procedure planning 2022 projects

The 2022 FISSN fund is combined with the 2022 NPE funds Kick Start ‘Social’ and Kick Start ‘Career’. This means that there will be no separate 2022 FISSN round.

Information on the 2022 Kick Start procedure will be available soon.
Do you have an idea for a nice project that needs to start in 2022 ?
Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities!