Global Youth Institute 2021

Good luck to all participants to the Global Youth Institute of 2021! Each year, over 200 exceptional high school students from around the world are selected to participate in the three-day Global Youth Institute hosted by the World Food Prize Foundation.

This year Wageningen Youth Institute is proud to introduce Singa de Valk, Pam Boltjes, Ella Wold (The Netherlands), Gabriela Casimiro (Spain) and Lucie Škarupová (Czech Republic) as delegates!

Wageningen Youth Institute is part of Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands and the World Food Prize Foundation in the US.

BSc programmes

After graduating from high school you get to choose your follow-up study. Wageningen University & Research is offering six English Bachelor’s programmes, including Animal Sciences and Food Technology.

Protein Transition

Proteins form the building blocks of life on earth. Both the quantity and quality of food are critical for the health of humans and animals. At the moment, a considerable portion of our protein is consumed through animal products. Wageningen University & Research is looking for ways to increase the availability and diversity of proteins from the perspectives of various disciplines: food science, agricultural and production technology and consumer behaviour. Read more about the future of proteins here.

Wageningen Youth Institute is organizing an immersion activity on Protein Transition during the Global Youth Institute. Join the activity on (date follows).

Also take a look at the Ideal Burger Challenge that is currently running. This is an international project in which high school students from The Netherlands, Ghana and Honduras work on making and baking a plant based burger!


Quiz Protein Transition

Play the quiz and win one of the three t-shirts of Wageningen University & Research!