Q&A WURth-while

Questions & Answers

What is the language requirements for admission?

This depends on the course:

BSc level courses are often taught in Dutch. You are expected to be fluent in Dutch to participate in these courses. Some BSc courses are (also) in English. In that case the requirements are almost the same as for MSc courses.

MSc courses are taught in English. The required level depends on the course. To get an indication, please check the page about English language proficiency (non-EU/EFTA).

You do not have to submit an English test when you apply for a WURth-while course. During the intake meeting your level of English will be assessed. If there are doubts, you may be asked to take a test at the Wageningen language centre.

When will the admission interview take place?

When you have applied for a course, we send your application to the intake team. They will arrange an intake meeting with you. We aim to contact you about this within three weeks after your application. During the summer period this may take longer.

What can I do if I finish the course successfully?

After successful completion of the course, you will receive a course certificate, and you will be able to add this course to your CV. During the course you will not only obtain knowledge about the course subject, but also about the Dutch academic university system, which may be beneficial if you consider to follow a regular BSc or MSc programme later. The course can also help you to start building a network in the Netherlands.

Can I register for more than one course?

You can participate in one course per course period. Wageningen University has six course periods a year, so you can take six courses per year at maximum.

If you do not finalise a course successfully it will be more difficult to register for another course.

What will the course offer me if I want to apply for an MSc programme later?

When the course is part of the MSc programme you want to follow, you will get an exemption for this course.

Are there organisations that cover the costs of housing near the university or cover the travel costs to the university?

The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF may offer financial support. To be liable for support by UAF you have to be their client. You can become a UAF client through the UAF website, but there is a 3-months waiting time, so please start this procedure as soon as possible. If you are a UAF client, you can apply for travel funds through your student councellor at UAF. UAF covers a maximum of €300 per months, so if you live far from Wageningen, you have to discuss this in advance. Discussing your plan to participate in a WURth-while course with your UAF contact person is advisable anyway.

Please check the UAF website for more information.