Analysing the impact of your research on policy

Published on
September 1, 2023

WUR researchers now have access to the Impact module of SciVal. You can use it to find out how your research has shaped or influenced certain policies. The Impact module provides data on research publications cited in policy documents.

The module derives its policy data from Overton. Overton is a searchable index that contains policy documents from over 150 countries. Policy institutes included are FAO, Publications Office of the EU, CGIAR, and WHO. The Impact module contains the number of references to publications in policy documents.

SciVal step-by-step

The Library's SciVal guide on intranet offers a basic introduction to Scival. There are several modules available to analyse your research performance. If you want to check if your publications are mentioned in policy documents, first import your publications into SciVal and then select the Impact module. The impact module also allows you to identify key researchers who are influencing policy on certain topics.

What is SciVal?

SciVal is a bibliometric tool from Elsevier that uses Scopus data to analyse the research performance of individuals or groups. As a researcher, you can use SciVal to create evaluation reports for your research, to identify a publication strategy, and to find new collaborations.

The bibliometric tool provides citation metrics such as the Field-Weighted Citation Impact, the percentage of most cited publications, and the percentage of publications based on international collaboration. SciVal offers more than 30 different metrics. The Research Metrics Guidebook explains each SciVal metric and suggests how and when to apply each metric.


For questions or help with SciVal and other bibliometric tools, please contact our information specialists.