WUR Library


Are you a WUR student with a functional disability? Your insights are crucial!

June 17, 2024

The Library is looking for students with a disability to help us improve the Library’s digital learning materials. The Library is organising several sessions where you can share your unique perspectives and experiences in return for a gift card.

Feedback sessions

We’re looking for WUR students with a functional disability or impairment who can test and review our e-learning modules. In appreciation for your participation, you'll receive a gift card.

Interested? Please contact Joris Geurts to sign up or if you want more information.

E-learning modules

The Library organises courses in information literacy in most bachelor study programmes. The e-learning modules are an important part of this. The Library aims to make its e-learning modules accessible to all students.

Your input is crucial in making the Library’s resources more accessible and effective for everyone.

Your opinion matters

We strive to create a welcoming, safe and pleasant environment for your studies. Feel free to email any ideas, feedback or complaints you might have to the Servicedesk Facilities. We appreciate your feedback!