Elsevier mirror journals with the same titles as the originals with an additional "X"

Published on
January 28, 2020

Elsevier has introduced about 40 mirror journals, also known as X-journals. The mirror journals enable researchers to publish Open Access and meet the requirements of Plan S and other funders. They are very similar to the original - with the same editorial board and peer review policies – but differ in business model and have no impact factors yet.

Mirror 'X' journals

The mirror journals have the same title as the original with an additional X, for example, Food Chemistry: X. They have a different ISSN than the original journal with the same title. The mirror journals must go through the review process of Web of Science to be included in the database and to receive an impact factor.

Impact factors

Please note that these journals are currently not indexed in Web of Science and have no impact factors yet.

Please review your tenure track criteria regarding these X-journals as you might not get credits for these publications. Tenure track criteria may differ per Science Groups and specific domain.

Currently, only Water Research X is included in Web of Science, but Water Research X has no Impact Factor yet.

Submission process

Please be aware that most of the 40 original journals ('non-X') will no longer publish Open Access articles. If you submit a manuscript to one of these journals and indicate that you want to publish Open Access, you may be transferred to the X-journal. Be aware of this potential switch from the original journal to the mirror journal during submission.

You can find the list with all mirror 'X' journals here.

If you have any further questions, please contact Chantal Hukkelhoven.