Finding more open content with Unpaywall integration

June 10, 2024

The Library has recently integrated Unpaywall into its Get It link resolver. This allows library users to find more open access (OA) versions of articles the Library hasn't subscribed to, thus expanding access to scholarly content.

What is Unpaywall?

Unpaywall is a browser extension and a database that provides access to free, legal versions of academic papers. Developed by the non-profit organization Impactstory, Unpaywall indexes millions of open access articles from various sources, including institutional repositories, preprint servers, and open access journals. Because it is now integrated into our library system, Unpaywall helps you find and read more open access copies of research articles.

For example, the Open Access link on this Get it! page gets you to the author's manuscript on HAL, a multi-disciplinary open access archive.


Use the full potential of the Get it! page

The Get It! button (e.g. link to the Get it! page) is integrated into many search and discovery systems like WUR Library Search, Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar, PubMed, CAB Abstracts and can be found in the search results of these databases.

The Get It! page serves as a gateway to numerous library services. It offers access to the Library’s licensed content and to the Open Access content in WUR’s Edepot, think of publications from Groenekennis and Staff Publications. Additionally, you can use Get It! to reserve books that are currently on loan and to request publications from both our Library's collection and external libraries. Through the Get It! page, you can also mark favourite journals, articles and databases and set up journal alerts in MyLibrary. Remember to log in when using the Get It! page to ensure full access to these features.


If you encounter any difficulties with the new "Get it!" page or have inquiries about its functionality, please email us at