New printers in the Library: everything you need to know

Published on
March 24, 2023

Last month, brand new printers were installed in the Library. These multifunction printers (MFPs) are not only faster and more efficient but also environmentally friendly! In this article, we walk you through all the different printing services and facilities available to you.

New MultiFunction Printers

You can find the new MFPs in the Library on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. The machines are user-friendly and easy to operate. We've updated the manuals to ensure that you have all the information you need:

Wondering how it works? It's a simple process! At Wageningen University and Research, we have a convenient printing service called FollowMe. The service allows you to send and pick up your documents at any printer on campus. Your documents will be securely stored in a print server until you arrive at the printer of your choice and scan your WURcard to release them. You can send a print command from any device, on or off campus. The print jobs that you don’t pick up, will be deleted after 24 hours. 


With the PrintAndGo service, you can print from a personal device (laptop, mobile phone) on a WUR printer. To use PrintAndGo you need to have a valid WURnet account, a WURcard, sufficient credit on your WURcard, an active internet connection and a PrintAndGo account. You can easily create a PrintAndGo account and the account is permanent.

Quick guide PrintAndGo

  • Create your PrintAndGo account at by using your email address and a new to-be-chosen password. You may not use your WUR password.
  • Upload the file you want to print in threedifferent ways: (1) upload it directly to the webpage WUR PrintAndGo, (2)upload it using the PrintAndGo app by Inepro on your smartphone or (3) send itas an attachment to
  • Go to a multifunction printer on campus; scan your WURcard and print the document.

Printing from a personal device without PrintAndGo

Don’t want to use the PrintAndGo service? To print from your personal computer to the WUR multifunction printer, you need to install the printer on your device. In these manuals, you can see what actions you need to take for your pc operating system.

Printing from Library PCs


The Library has 20 study places with a PC. When you want to print a document from these PCs, the WURprinter and/or the WURprinter_Color need to be installed. Under Start > Devices and printers, you can find which printers are active on the Library PC. If the printer is not listed, you need to add it yourself. To do this, consult the printer manual available at the lending desk.

Photo: You can also use the special only-for-printing computer in Forum Library for your print commands.


You can print or photocopy in black and white or colour, in A4 or A3 size. When you hold your WUR card against the MFP's card reader, all your print jobs are displayed. You can choose to print them all or select one. As of 3 April, prices for colour printing have slightly increased. Prices for printing in black and white remain the same.

Prices black and white
one-sided double-sided
A4 € 0.04 € 0.07
A3 € 0.08 € 0.15
Prices colour
one-sided double-sided
A4 € 0.17 € 0.29
A3 € 0.22 € 0.42

Please only print if necessary. Note that scanning documents is free.

Pay with your WURcard

The eWallet is a virtual wallet on your WURcard that you need to pay for printing. To use the eWallet you need to top up the credit on your WURcard. You can do so by using the KUARIO app from Inepro. The app is available in all app stores. Unfortunately, the print icon in the KUARIO app is not active. You cannot print directly from the KUARIO app, please use the PrintAndGo app. Read more.