Recommendations from WUR scientific community to Open Access Plan S

Published on
January 24, 2019

In September 2018, NWO and a number of other European funding organisations presented a plan to accelerate the transition to Open Access (Plan S). This triggered a debate on pros and cons of Plan S within the WUR scientific community. In December a number of WUR senior scientists discussed developments in publishing and Open Access. This resulted in a document with recommendations that has been submitted to NWO.

In its strategic plan 2019-2022, WUR embraces developments and policies in Open Science, in line with the National Plan Open Science. WUR therefore aims to deliver scientific publications from our publicly funded research available through Open Access. Plan S fits in this policy. The transition to Open Access, and in particular of Plan S, serves in our view also as a method to regain control over the publishing process and over the ownership of published research content by academia.

However, there are serious concerns that scientific domains are not sufficiently able to cope with the disruptive nature of Plan S. The plan insufficiently addresses the quality aspects of the publication process.

We hope that NWO takes the recommendations seriously and will process them as an addition to Plan S.

We’ll keep you posted on the new intranet group Open Access Publishing. You are welcome to add suggestions and participate in discussions.