Search tip: Groenekennis

Published on
January 12, 2021

Are you familiar with the database Groenekennis? It’s a database offered by WUR Library, mostly created for professionals in the green sector as well as food and nutrition. But it can also be useful to WUR students.

What is Groenekennis?

Groenekennis is a database that allows you to find professional information on agriculture, fishery, green sector, food and nutrition. It offers an overview of relevant professional journals and makes it easy to navigate through professional literature per subject or region.

Groenekennis is also the source of information for important platforms like Groen Kennisnet and the Hydrotheek. Groenekennis maintains the information that is available on these platforms.

What can I find on Groenekennis?

Groenekennis contains more than 500.000 sources, mostly professional or semi-scientific. Most of these sources are articles from professional journals but you will also find books, reports, posters, maps and videos. You can also search for documentation per region through the 'Map of the Netherlands'.

In the ‘tijdschriftenlijst’ you can scroll through an overview of professional journals and search through their articles. Although Groenekennis is mostly aimed at Dutch professionals, there are still 89.000 English sources in Groenekennis as well as a few English journals, like Cow Management or In Greenhouses, in the ‘tijdschriftenlijst’

How do I use Groenekennis?

To find English sources, you can use the language filter on the left to filter on sources in English only. Here you will also find other useful filters such as publication type or journal.

To perform a more structured search you can use Boolean operators, wildcards and phrase search. Check the question mark for more search tips.

Are you interested and want to keep up with the newest added items in Groenekennis? Set an alert through MyLibrary Alerts and get notified!