How to add your collection

The Library welcomes gifts to the Wageningen University & Research Image Collections. Please check if your collection meets the criteria and contact us.

The WUR Image Collections contain annotated photographs, maps, drawings and other images from units of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). The Library offers the option to store images and other visual material and make it publicly accessible through WUR Image Collections.

A new collection can be added when:

  • The theme of the collection fits within the research and education fields of WUR, i.e. agriculture, environment and nutrition in the broadest sense of the word.
  • The collection has a relationship with WUR, or one of its predecessors, i.e. buildings, terrains or art works.
  • The collection comprises photos of personnel of WUR or one of its predecessors in work situations.
  • The collection is in digital form.
  • The collection contains metadata (names, dates etcetera).
  • The copyright owner is known and can be contacted if necessary.
  • There is no, or at least little, overlap with the already available collections.
  • It is agreed upon that the collection will be made publicly accessible.

When you have an image collection that meets most of the above mentioned criteria, please contact us. We’ll be glad to make an appointment with you to discuss the options. The Library assists in adding the collection, including the metadata, to the Image Collections.


Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections is composed and managed with great care. Nevertheless, inaccuracies may occur. Please contact us if you find that your rights are infringed by work(s) disclosed in the WUR Image Collections, and/or if (personal) information is not displayed properly.

Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections, the content and the application, is maintained by WUR Library.