Search tips

How to search and find images in the Image Collections of Wageningen University & Research.

Search in one collection


Choose a collection and click View the images. Use the search box to type in search terms. You can make your results more specific by searching within results in the search box or by choosing from the keywords listed in the Narrow your search by box on the left.

If you have narrowed down your search too much, you can go back and display previous results by removing the keywords you used in your search (click the X next to the search term displayed at the top of your results).

Search in multiple collections


Choose Search all images and select the collections you want to search in by checking the boxes on the left. Uncheck to remove collections from the search. Use the search box to type in search terms. After using the search box, you can also add or remove collections.

See 'Search in one collection' above for more tips about searching within results and narrowing down your results.

Advanced search


Advanced searching enables you to build a more complex search on selected fields.

Type in your search term(s) and choose a search type (all of the words, the exact phrase, any of the words or none of the words).

Next, determine in what fields you want to search (all fields, a selected field or by date). The default selection is to search in all fields.

Add more search boxes by clicking Add another field and selecting a connector (and/or). Reduce the number of search fields by clicking remove. You can have as many as four search fields and as few as one field.

New search


You can start a new search by typing the search term and selecting new search instead of within results. To clear an Advanced Search, click the Clear All button.