WUR Open Access policy

WUR Open Access policy

Wageningen University & Research policy is to publish research results Open Access in accordance with the policy of the Dutch government.

On 12 October 2020, the Executive Board updated the WUR Open Access policy. All WUR authors are either required or encouraged to publish scientific work Open Access whenever possible.

Peer-reviewed articles

Open Access for peer-reviewed articles is:

  • required if you, as a WUR employee, are a corresponding author,
  • required if you are the author of an article funded by a research funder requiring Open Access*,
  • encouraged if you are a non-corresponding author.

*Please note that Funder requirements take precedence over the WUR Open Access policy.

You can make the publication freely available through one of the Open Access publishing routes. Please use the WUR Journal browser to select a journal.

Conference publications

Conference publications are required to be freely available to the general public. Send the PDF version of the conference publication and the metadata to WUR Library, after which they become available in Research@WUR.

PhD theses

All WUR PhD theses should become freely available through Research@WUR. A one-year embargo period, with possible extension, can be requested by the PhD candidate. You can find more information on the procedure on the PhD thesis submission page.