Reaching your audience

Where you can best publish your work primarily depends on the type of research involved and the audience it is aimed at: scientific, professional or the general public. This page lists some points to consider for each.

Scientific publications

If you want to reach your scientific peers, find a scientific journal with the right scope, quality, openness and impact for your work. Use the WUR Journal Browser to search for journals by keywords, ranking and open access deals.

Professional publications

If your results can be applied directly, and you want stakeholders or policy makers to use them in practice, consider publishing in a report or in a professional journal. Take a look at the Groenekennis database to find professional sources you could publish in.

Publications for the general public

There are many outlets to reach the general public. Some possibilities are blogs, tweets, public presentations, and school/event visits. You can use LexisNexis Academic to find possible media sources to publish in.