Bibliometrics statistically analyses numbers of publications and their citations. Such analyses are used to assess the performance of scientists, research groups, publications, and journals. As a researcher, you can also use bibliometrics to demonstrate your research impact.

Bibliometrics of researchers

Groups or individual researchers are generally assessed with the following bibliometrics:

  • Number of publications
  • Number of citations
  • Relative or field-weighted impact metric, based on the average number of citations in a field
  • Number of publications in the top 10% or the top 1% of the most-cited publications in a field
  • H-index.

Bibliometrics of journals

Journals are generally assessed with the following metrics:

  • Web of Science and Scopus let you analyse the citations of articles, e.g., all articles by an author
  • Staff publications contains a bibliographic analysis section based on Web of Science data with various metrics for individual researchers and groups
  • Journal metrics are available from Web of Science Journal citation report and from Scopus journal metrics
  • SciVal and Essential Science Indicators offer more detailed metrics showing research performance and trends.