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Research Support portal

The Research Support portal provides an overview of all research support offered by the various organizational units of WUR, making it easier for researchers to find appropriate support and advice.

The Research Support portal brings together WUR available research support services during every stage of the research cycle. From writing a proposal, funding, labwork and data gathering to analysing, publishing, and creating impact for your research output. Research Support provides a single point of entry to quickly identify the service you need, regardless of who offers the service and where the information is located.

How to search

You can find information in the portal in several ways. You can search on keyword, or you can browse through the different service categories, for example Research data, Ethics, safety & security or Communication & publishing. Each service comes with a concise description, a link to the service itself, a contact person and contact information. Furthermore, you can see whether the service is free of charge and if a support service has a legal framework.


We welcome your feedback. The input of researchers is essential to further develop and improve the Research Support portal. So please let us know what you would like to see added to the portal. And, if you have suggestions for content or features that would make your research experience at WUR easier, contact the Research Support portal team with your ideas. Note that the Research Support portal only contains services that support the primary research process. You will not find HR information on the portal for example.

To give feedback on the service, please contact the service provider who is mentioned in the description of the service.

About the Research Support portal

In 2021, the programme Easy Service in Research started. The programme was commissioned by the Dean of Research. The Library coordinates the programme and is responsible for the content management of the Research Support portal. The Research Support portal aims to make research supporting services easier to find. The development of the Support portal is an intensive collaboration with the Science Groups and the Graduate Schools. In the initial design stage, researchers provided feedback on the portal’s functionalities, content and design. The project team then identified and described approximately 150 research support services. The input of researchers will remain essential to further develop and improve the portal.