Garden and landscape

The garden design and landscape architecture collections from Special Collections cover the history of gardening and landscape developments in the Netherlands. Original garden designs on paper from important architects, such as Leonard Springer, the Zochers, the Copijns, Mien Ruys, John Bergmans and Hein Otto can be studied in the reading room.

How to find garden and landscape information?

1. Database TUiN (Garden Architecture Archives of the Netherlands) provides access to the works and designs of  influential Dutch garden- and landscape architects from 1570 until the 20th century. All the materials (designs, letters, postcards and other documentation) in the database are in print available in the reading room of Special Collections. Please use the search box to find designs and other documentation.

Not all collections are included in Database TUiN yet. An overview of all TUiN-collections (in Dutch) is available at Database TUiN.

2. Groen Erfgoed is a bibliographic database covering publications on the history of gardening and landscape architecture in the Netherlands. the emphasis is on journal articles. All publications are available via Wageningen University & Research Library, some digitally but the majority in print. In 2014 over 4000 titles are available. Please use the search box to search literature.

3. The Special Collections Catalogue gives access to historic books, manuscripts and reports on gardens, landscape architecture and horticulture and dendrology.