Reviews of the Exhibition A Different Light on Withoos

Published on
February 15, 2022

The exhibition A Different Light on Withoos in Museum Flehite gets a lot of attention from newspapers. So far, already 8 positive reviews have been published. We're delighted because WUR Library is contributing to this exhibition with botanical watercolours by Alida Withoos.

Exhibition A Different Light on Withoos

Museum Flehite in Amersfoort is organizing a large retrospective exhibition of Mathias Withoos, a seventeenth-century painter from Amersfoort. Withoos is famous for his panoramic townviews and detailed still life paintings. The exhibition contains 90 works, including paintings from Mathias' children: Johannes, Pieter, Alida and Frans.

WUR Special Collections is contributing watercolours from Alida Withoos, and one of her brother Pieter, to the exhibition. Alida Withoos was one of the best Dutch female painters in the seventeenth century.

The exhibition, A Different Light on Withoos, can be seen in Museum Flehite until 8 May 2022.

The exhibition is accompanied by an impressive catalogue on three generations of Withoos. The catalogue, 'Ander licht op Withoos: Drie generaties Withoos', is on view at the Special Collections department of WUR. It is published by Albert Boersma.

Three Generations Withoos in the News

Would you like to read more about the exhibition? We've made an overview of the reviews in national and regional newspapers. We're happy to see that all reviews are highly positive.

Can't you access the reviews? Log in to the Library website and go to the newspaper database Nexis Uni. Most reviews can be found there too.

Alida Withoos and the Konstboeck of Simon Schynvoet

In the seventeenth century women were not strongly encouraged to paint. Thanks to her father Mathias Withoos, Alida could develop her talents. Like her brothers and sisters, she specialised in painting still lifes and representations of nature, animals, and insects.

The works from Alida Withoos from WUR Special Collections that are currently on loan to the exhibition in Museum Flehite are part of 'The Konstboeck of Simon Schynvoet'. Schynvoet's 'Konstboeck' contains 142 unique illustrations from approx. 1690-1750. Six of the most striking watercolours are from Alida Withoos.

Examples from the Konstboeck

Solanum lycopersicum L.
Solanum lycopersicum L.
Rosa gallica L. 'Versicolor'
Rosa gallica L. 'Versicolor'

Copyrights and credits

Alida Withoos' watercolours can be downloaded for free from the WUR Image Collections. If you want to re-use an image in a publication or on a website, please send an email to Special Collections.