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Mendeley is a free-web and desk-based reference manager and an academic social network.

Mendeley can help you to organize your research and to collaborate with other researchers. Mendeley has several special features, including syncing between Mendeley desktop and the Mendeley web account; always access from another computer, Iphone of Ipad; importing and organizing PDFs and sharing articles and PDFs with other Mendeley users.

How to obtain and register Mendeley

You can install the desktop version of Mendeley by choosing "Start -> Software center (previously !Available software). You can also download the desktop version for free (Windows, iOS, Linux) from Use your WUR (or personal) email address to create an account. Do not use the "sign in via your institution" option.

Note: A new version of Mendeley, called Mendeley Reference Manager, is available. It is not yet possible to use the Mendeley Cite add-in from this version within the WUR. Make sure you download the Mendeley Desktop version to be able to use the cite as you write function. More information here.

Web importer

From you can install the "Web Importer". The Web Importer is a browser plugin that allows you to select and import references into your Mendeley library while searching in systems like Scopus, Google Scholar, and PLoS.

Output styles

Mendeley uses an open standard to define output styles (CSL - Citation Style Language). You can import a style from its web location using the URL. Important collections of CSL files are on and


With its free account Mendeley allows you to create public groups and private groups. In public groups you can exchange references, but not PDFs. You can also create as many public groups as you want. In private groups you can also exchange PDFs, but you may create only 5 private groups for up to 25 users. If your team needs a larger private group, get in touch with the library to discuss the possibilities. Send your request to