Where people work mistakes are made. If you feel that a serious error has been made in dealing with your request or remark or if you have any other issue, please contact the Library.

If you are dissatisfied about the way (an employee of) the Library deals with a problem or request, you may file a formal complaint at the Servicedesk of the Library. Your grievance will be registered within 1 working day and you’ll receive a confirmation.

The person dealing with the grievance will inform you about the proposed solution or measures to be taken within five working days of receipt. If you are dissatisfied about the way the Library has handled your grievance, you may lodge an objection with the head of the Library within four weeks of receiving your answer. 

Complaints can be sent by mail to the address below, by telephone: 0317-486666, or by e-mail.

Wageningen University & Research - Library


Post Office Box 9100

6700 HA Wageningen

These and other regulations are part of the Formal Grievance Regulations for Facilities and Services.