The Spot, Orion, building number 103

Orion is one of Wageningen University’s education buildings. Student café The Spot will be open until 8 pm every weekday evening. If you’re interested in following lectures, of if you're looking for a place to meet your friends, watch TV, play a board game or table tennis, or just have a relaxing drink, consider yourself welcome in the Spot.

Address Bronland 1
Building 103
6708 WH Wageningen
Tel. 0317 48 87 77
Visiting hours Monday - Friday
8.00 - 20.00 h

Building numbers

All Wageningen UR buildings have an unique number. On the main roads in Wageningen you will find signs which will direct you to different clusters of buildings (for example, building numbers 100-200). Within the various clusters, routes to the individual buildings are shown. Orion's building number is 103.