Courses continue online

Published on
March 16, 2020

Due to the measures to prevent further spreading of the coronavirus COVID-19, all educational activities on campus have been cancelled. Lectures and group assignments will be offered online as much as possible.

We are making every conceivable effort to safeguard the continuation of education and exams in period 5. Still, we cannot prevent some courses from having to be cancelled or postponed. This applies to, for example, excursions and practical sessions. This letter will provide you with additional information. Keep an eye on Brightspace fort he most up-to-date information on your course.

Read the FAQ for the most common questions on education the following weeks.

Check this factsheet with info on the following topics:

  • Enrollment and termination of enrolment
  • Visa and visa-related issues
  • Travel to return home
  • Insurance
  • Provisions for financial support in cases of study delay
  • Questions for the student dean

If you have more personal questions about your education, please contact:

For questions about the following, please contact your study advisor:

  • Personal situation and fears
  • Planning your studies

All other questions may be sent to

Download the factsheet: