New course about studying online during the corona outbreak


New course about studying online during the corona outbreak

Published on
March 18, 2020

To help all students get through the coming weeks in which they are not able to meet (on campus), we created the ‘Corona and my education’ course page on Brightspace. We advise all students to join this course, which helps you out in changing from on-campus to online education. You will not only find practical information on how to study from home, but also an online hang-out in which students can reach out to each other.

Join to the course now via Brightspace

Help to learn online

When studying from home, it is first of important that all technical materials are working properly and that you know your way around the systems. That is explained in this course. It’s not actually a course, like any other course, but an online environment that is created to help you learn online. You don’t get a final grade and it’s not mandatory, although highly recommended. Also, be aware that this environment is not course related. If you have any course specific questions, go to the Brightspace page of that particular course and contact the course coordinator or teacher.

Social contact

The course also includes the Online Student Café, a discussion forum where you can reach out to other students, from small talk to helping each other out in these extraordinary times.

As a student, you can enroll in this course yourself in order to get access to all materials.

Join the course for the following:

  • How to learn from home
  • Where to get help
  • How to stay in touch
  • Alternatives and extra education possibilities
  • The online student café for social talk with fellow students

Stay in touch: Skype for Business now available for students

All students get linked to Skype for Business via their WUR email account on 18 March. This tool can be used for face-to-face and group meetings between students and with teachers. More information on how to set-up and use Skype can be found here.