The most important email addresses for questions about corona

Published on
April 2, 2020

Many students and employees have serious questions about the current situation. Questions about issues such as study planning, a stay abroad, or returning to home. Perhaps you are working from home and have questions, or you may want information on parental leave during the corona crisis.

We have listed all relevant email addresses to help you reach out to the correct person as smoothly as possible. This list is updated regularly as more information becomes available.

Check out this page for the latest information on Wageningen University & Research measures against corona. You will find our FAQs here, and a short update on issues relevant for WUR employees is provided on the intranet every day.



For help in setting up online courses:

PhD candidates

For information on doctoral research and defence:


More information on online education and examination:

Questions about the financial consequences of a study delay and about financial support during the corona crisis:

For students with questions about travel, staying abroad, returning home and visa. Our support staff keeps in touch with students wishing to return home as soon as possible (Dutch students abroad, and international students in the Netherlands). They provide assistance and emotional support.

For students with concerns or questions about the planning of their studies, please contact your study advisor,

Working (from home)

For questions regarding working from home, problems logging in etc., reach out to IT support:

Questions about the consultation hours of company doctors, company social workers and chair massages during the corona crisis, contact Corporate HR:

Company social workers: do you see one of your colleagues (in the Netherlands or abroad) not doing so well, getting sick or feeling isolated? Reach out to the company social workers so that we can help him/her:

Questions about extraordinary leave, parental leave, sick leave, regular leave or other HR-related issues:

Employees who have booked a flight or trip through WUR’s travel agent ATPI and want to annul their booking or change their itinerary:


If you have any questions and are not sure who to reach out to, or if you notice issues that you feel need to be brought to attention. If you have a question that the FAQs have not covered, or if you want people to know about a new initiative you have set up. Our colleagues are ready to pass on your tip, question or initiative, and to answer your question:

To share videos and pictures of your home office situation during this corona crisis: