Keuzegids 2022: Wageningen has the Netherlands’ best university

Published on
November 10, 2021

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has been elected the best university in the Netherlands for the 17th consecutive time. This is revealed in the latest edition of the Keuzegids. The fact that the ranking changed its measuring method this year has not affected WUR’s leading position.

The ranking includes student reviews, study success rates and an updated list of all the university bachelors. Moreover, it contains information on the employment market and comparisons with other universities offering the same study programmes. The National Student Survey is a key item in the Keuzegids. The results of this survey contribute approximately 70 per cent towards the universities’ scores. This makes the Keuzegids a valuable guide for prospective students and their parents in assessing the quality of education at Dutch universities.

Nine top programmes

Nine Wageningen programmes are awarded the label top programme, indicating that students who follow the programme are extremely satisfied with their choice. Plant sciences, in particular, is rated high by students. The Gelderlander daily paper published an excellent background story on this programme earlier. Soil, Water and Atmosphere and Forest and Nature Management are also highly appreciated.

Alle 19 opleidingen van Wageningen University & Research

Measuring method

This year, the Keuzegids used a new method. As a result, the categories in the National Student Survey deviate from those previously used, setting a new baseline. The new rankings of the best universities can therefore not be compared directly to those of previous years. Thus, the Keuzegids has not included comparisons with the previous scores and merely discusses the university’s current performance.

Keuzegids data

The data used by the Keuzegids include information provided by the Vereniging van Universiteiten (Association of Universities), rapports from the Researchcentrum voor Onderwijs en Arbeidsmarkt (ROA – Education and Employment Market Research centre) and NVAO accreditation data. The results of the National Student Survey and the database of students’ programme choice (Studiekeuzedatabase) are also included. The data are processed and analysed by the Keuzegids.