New book: Sustainable Energy Landscapes

Published on
November 22, 2012

A new book has been published by Sven Stremke (Wageningen University) and Andy van den Dobbelsteen (Delft University). Together with experts from different related fields they discuss approaches to energy-conscious planning and design. They describe how to develop sustainable rather than ‘just’ renewable energy landscapes.

In the near future the appearance and spatial organization of urban and rural landscapes will be strongly influenced by the generation of renewable energy. One of the critical tasks will be the re-integration of renewable energy into the existing environment - which people value and want to preserve - in a socially fair, environmentally sound, and economically feasible manner. Accordingly, the book focuses on the municipal and regional scale, where energy-conscious interventions are effective, and stakeholders can participate actively in the transition process.

This comprehensive book presents state-of-the-art re¬search, education, and design practice with respect to sustainable energy landscapes. It addresses how to quantify the impact of energy transition both on landscape quality and energy economy, issues of growing importance. The text illustrates practical applications of emerging methods using case studies from across the globe. In his book review Jusuck Koh says: “This book builds upon principles of new landscape and ecological science and exergy, and combines attention to material processes with social process, process approach with spatial approach, substantial issues with procedural issues, all of which in turn are tested through participatory case study. I recommend this book highly to spatial planners, urban designers as well as landscape architects who are engaged with sustainability.”

Dan van der Horst, University of Birmingham, also reviewed the book: "Human history can be told through the lens of energy and landscape, and in the coming decades we will have some very stark choices to make with regards to both. Sven Stremke and Andy van den Dobbelsteen have done a splendid job to illustrate the breadth of ongoing research efforts and the relevance of diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to the energy-landscape nexus. This comprehensive book fills a gap in the literature and will be invaluable to a growing number of researchers, practitioners and educators engaging with this topic."