WUR boosts sustainability (and students) with five new master’s programmes

Published on
March 1, 2022

Starting from the academic year 2022-2023, Wageningen University & Research replaces the MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MME), with five new business and economics related programmes with a keen focus on sustainability. Graduates really know how to accelerate the shift to a sustainable society.

The MME master is an established, well-reviewed master. Since its launch in 2000, it has delivered a few thousand graduates. So why change it, we asked programme director Paul Berentsen: “Indeed, MME received a good assessment from the visitation committee in 2018. But we also received feedback from students that the programme was too broad, lacking a clear profile, and that they wanted more depth.”

Stronger profile

So the university really listened to a university committee that investigated the depth and the profile of MME and its specializations. Paul explains: “We got green light for the development of five specialistic master's with more focus. That gives our graduates a stronger profile for potential employers. And as typical boundary crossers, our students learn even more to work with and connect people from different departments and backgrounds.”

The new programmes


Together with the chair groups involved we also placed the content of the programmes in the context of today’s societal challenges , he continues: “Most of the  master's start for example with a course on the grand challenges of sustainability. There is also a lot of attention for the agri-food sector as well. Sustainability and Agri-food have been our university’s focal points for years, and not without reason.