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Nancy Beerens in NOS Journaal: ‘Two vaccines effective against bird flu’

In a trial at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, two novel vaccines proved to be effective against bird flu. In the NOS Journaal, Nancy Beerens explains which conditions a well-functioning vaccine must meet and why we cannot vaccinate the entire poultry population just yet.

A solution to bird flu in poultry seems one step closer. A boost for poultry farmers, reports the NOS Journaal. An effective and practically applicable vaccine must meet several criteria. “The vaccine must prevent animals from getting sick, prevent virus spread, and we must be able to make a distinction between vaccinated and infected animals. Two of the vaccines we tested against bird flu meet these criteria," says Nancy Beerens, head of the national reference laboratory on Avian influenza at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research.

Poultry farmer Theo Bos indicates that he would like to use such a vaccine immediately. His farm was cleared due to bird flu. He has new chickens now, but instead of walking outside, the animals are kept inside. "If a vaccine like this became available, I would use it immediately," says Bos.

Before the next step can be taken, a field trial will be performed. In this field trial, the two selected vaccines will be tested in practical conditions.

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Nancy Beerens in NOS Journaal: ‘Two vaccines effective against bird flu’

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