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The Van Rossems (Dutch TV programme) op bezoek bij Gert Kema en Marcel Hoosbeek

The Van Rossem brothers recently returned to Wageningen, the place where they grew up, for their TV series. An important part of the broadcast was about Wageningen University & Research. With all the discussions about the farm policy to be pursued, Wageningen University is in the spotlight, according to NTR.

Among other things, Maarten and Vincent van Rossem visited the greenhouses where Gert Kema researches banana and fungi that threaten the banana plant. "It is a kind of predation on a single species," says Maarten van Rossem about the large monoculture of the Cavendish.

The brothers also walked in the floodplains of Wageningen, where associate professor Marcel Hoosbeek explained to them about soil acidification. That acidification is on the low side at the floodplains. Hoosbeek: "Here worms can live freely. The soil has a great structure. A great ecosystem."

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