Corona guidelines and updates

On this page, you can find the latest updates relevant for the majority of our personnel, students and partners. Detailed information is provided via email or by supervisors.

Now that the corona measures have been converted into advice, it is no longer necessary to publish regular updates. Therefore, as of 1 April, WUR will stop posting corona updates on the homepage of wur.nl and intranet under the well-known 'corona widgets'. Previously published messages can still be found under news/coronaguidelines and updates.

The answering of questions via info.corona@wur.nl will be scaled down to once a week until the end of April, after which the mailbox will go offline.

Checklist Students: Can I Come to Campus? (UPDATE: 15/3/2022)

Checklist Employees: Can I Come to a WUR Location? (UPDATE: 15/3/2022)

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Procedure: what to do when a student tests positive on COVID-19?

If a student in your course or thesis is tested positive, please contact the taskforce Education in Coronatime for advice on what to do. They can be contacted through Reception Forum (weekdays 08-23h, weekend 10-18h, 0317 482160) They will transfer you to the correct contact person.

Corona update 16 March

As of 23 March, all covid measures will be lifted. The partial remote working recommendation is lifted on 16 March. The basic hygiene measures, such as regularly washing your hands and sneezing and coughing in your elbow, remain in effect. Minister of Public Health, Welfare and Sports Kuipers announced these changes on Tuesday. The recommendation for preventive self-testing is lifted. However, testing in case of symptoms is strongly advised. If you test positive, self-isolate. The quarantine guidelines also remain in effect.

We are seeing high infection numbers, some of which may occur in your vicinity. Therefore, we urge you to take care and consider the basic recommendations.

Studying on campus

For students, the lifting of the measures means that:

  • All activities are once again permitted (including catering).
  • All teaching activities will take place on campus as much as possible, and attendance is expected from all students.
  • Teaching staff are no longer obligated to offer online alternatives for on-site education.
  • Students who are absent during an exam due to covid have the right to an alternative exam (date).

Students and teachers will be sent an email message shortly with detailed information.


The remote working recommendation is lifted for staff from 16 March. It is up to the teams and departments and their supervisors to seek a new balance in the coming weeks between voluntary remote working and working on-site at a WUR location. A wealth of information is available in the intranet group working@wur on, for example, practical amenities for the home office and tips on working remotely within a team.

Final corona update, protocol updated

We hope this is the last corona update to appear on wur.nl. We have sought to translate the guidelines into practicable recommendations through a protocol detailing what is permitted and what is not. Now that all measures are to be lifted, an updated protocol comes into effect, based on the government decisions of 15 March. See the frame on the right.

If needed, information on corona-related issues will be divulged through the usual communication channels for students and staff: MyWURtoday and the intranet, as well as through channels within the sciences groups and departments.

Corona update 24 February

With the easing of Covid measures as of 25 February, we regain ample possibilities to work and study. Our priority is to offer a safe work and study environment, both for students and employees. The strict measures may have been lifted; a number of recommendations remain in place until further notice. These recommendations include hygiene measures and the use of self-tests.

Since our corona updates follow the press conferences, we expect to issue fewer updates. You will be able to read the latest news in the protocol, the FAQ, and the ‘Can I come to the campus’ and ‘Can I come to WUR’ checklists.

Finding a balance

We ask employees to work at home for at least half of the time, unless the work is location-specific. The coming period will be characterised by finding a balance between working at home and at the office, particularly for employees. We request everyone to, literally, make room available for this adjustment while also respecting boundaries. Sharing workspaces and spontaneous interaction will once again become part of our workday. And for students, the social aspects of studying are once again present. Our main goal is a safe and pleasant work and study environment. In this spirit, we shape our WUR community every day with the commitment and resilience we have demonstrated over the past two years.

Corona update 16 February

Minister Ernst Kuipers announced new relaxations of the corona measures in last night’s press conference. As of today, working from home is recommended, rather than mandated, when possible. Working at the office is permitted half of the time. Together with the transition to campus education in period 4, this will result in more livelihood on the campus and our other locations. As of 18 February, the restriction of 75 persons per class/group will be lifted.

The decision to relax these measures was primarily based on social welfare. We need to get together again and perform daily tasks. A new stage, during which our interaction will increase. The high infection rate does, however, impact work: isolation and quarantine put increased pressure on efforts to continue all our education and research.

Over the past two years, no large outbreaks of COVID have occurred at WUR, thanks to everyone’s efforts. Now that we can return to our place of work creating a safe working environment remains a critical issue. This includes making free self-tests and medical-grade facemasks available at least until these measures are lifted.

Government policy from 25 February

  • When moving through a building as well as in locations where social distancing is not possible, such as in lecture rooms, the use of a facemask remains mandatory until 25 February. From then on, wearing a facemask in crowded situations is still recommended.
  • For the aforementioned reasons, the 1.5-metre distancing rule will remain in force in the campus catering venues until 25 February.
  • As of 18 February, the duration of quarantine will be shortened to 5 days.

Follow the (amended) quarantine and isolation guidelines. The checklist for staff and students are continuously updated (see protocol for latest versions). As of 25 February, more measures will be eased. Facemasks, as well as the 1.5-metre distancing requirement, will no longer be mandatory. The same applies to the COVID pass. Ventilation is still important and highly recommended.

Face-to-face education and working at WUR 

As of period 4, education is to take place on the campus when possible. We encourage students to come to the campus and meet each other there: social aspects of student life which have been all but absent in the last two years finally re-emerge.

With regard to working and meeting on-site, we move from “working in times of corona” (with remote working as the standard) to a combination of working from home and working on-site, assuming the duties allow. Finding a balance between working from home and working on-site may take some getting used to initially. Each of us handles this differently: being patient and helping each other contributes to a safe study and work environment, both physically and socially.

The current easing of measures is a crucial, pivotal point in the pandemic, including for our WUR community. During the next few weeks, our options to work and study on the campus and our other locations will increase further. The next benchmark moment is set for mid-March. We will focus on this in our upcoming update(s).

The protocol and FAQ will be updated to include the new guidelines on 18 and 25 February.

Corona update 27 January

As of yesterday, relaxation of measures apply to almost all sectors. That was the positive message from Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kuipers during the press conference on Tuesday. However, they did make an urgent appeal: "It depends on all of us whether the risk we take with this proves to be acceptable."

The obligation to wear (medical) nose mouth masks remains in force. If people can sit at a distance of more than 1.5 metres, the nose mouth mask may be removed.

Medical masks are available at the reception desk of all WUR buildings on the campus. Prevent litter: throw your disposable nose mouth mask in one of the many waste bins after use, inside or outside.

Almost everything open, working at home remains necessary

The government has not yet changed its advice on working from home, so we work at home unless we have to. This has effect on employees who do not work directly in education or who have location-based work, for example.

We ask for everyone's patience and understanding for the fact that an imbalance is created between what is possible in at home situations, such as going out for dinner or to the theatre, but similar relaxations that have not yet been implemented in work situations. The relaxations of measures in the cultural sector and the catering industry ensure that more activities of, for example, study associations, are possible under the current conditions. 

We make these choices because we want to offer education and research as much scope as possible. For example, events and social activities for employees and third parties will not be permitted at WUR locations. However, it is possible to organise education or training meetings for WUR staff only, including room catering. This can be done at a WUR location or an external location such as a conference centre. On campus, catering is available in, for example, the Spot in Orion and in Forum.

If you do come to a WUR location, please observe the basic rules, keep your distance and do a self-test at least twice a week.

Quarantine rules adjusted

Because the increasing number of infections and the earlier quarantine rules could also quickly paralyse education, the quarantine rules have been relaxed:

  • If someone is infected, they go into isolation.
  • If you are a roommate/travelling companion/near contact of an infected person, you must go into quarantine unless:
    • you had a booster shot more than a week ago and have no complaints
    • you were tested positive less than 8 weeks ago or this year (after 1 January 2022) and have no complaints.
  • When in doubt, please check the 'Can I come to campus' checklist or the 'Can I come to a WUR location' checklist.

In principle, these measures will apply for 6 weeks, with a further weighing-up of the effect of the relaxations in three weeks' time, around 15 February.

Update 15 January

Positive news: as of Monday 17 January, we are allowed again to offer on campus education. Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kuipers announced this last night in the first press conference of the Rutte IV Cabinet.

For employees who do not work in education, the announced relaxation will not change much at the moment; working from home will remain the norm.

Students and teaching staff have received further information about what the opening of on campus education means for them in practical terms.

Still, there are some restrictions: the maximum group size of 75 people applies, with the exception of examinations. Also, wearing a nose-mouth-mask everywhere is mandatory. Preferably, the type of mask you wear is medical.
This to protect students and staff, to prevent unnecessary quarantine and to allow research and education to continue as much as possible. These medical masks will also be available at the reception desks from 18 January onwards.

Quarantine rules adjusted

With the omicron variant, the number of infected people is rising rapidly. This requires us to take responsibility: keep a 1.5-metre distance where possible, wear a medical mask where indicated, get vaccinated and use the booster shot, and self-test twice a week.

Please note that the quarantine rules have changed for:

  • people who had a booster shot at least one week ago;
  • or had corona less than eight weeks ago;
  • or have worn a medical mask during contact.

Most quarantine rules are more relaxed. See also the most recent versions of the 'Can I come to WUR/campus' overviews.

When to wear a (medical) nose mouth mask

  • In general: when walking through the WUR buildings and outside when it is not possible to keep one's distance due to the busy traffic;
  • Students: in all situations inside buildings, also when sitting in a lecture hall, self-study room, canteen or during an examination;
  • Teachers and employees in education: in all situations, with the exception of distance teaching for (large) groups, e.g. in lecture halls and when speaking at orations;
  • For other employees within buildings: in places where more than 1 person is working in one room.

Exceptions include labs where the safety situation does not allow the wearing of a mouth mask, and during sports.

It goes without saying that one is allowed to wear a nose mouth mask at all times.

Other measures

  • Outside on campus it is allowed to meet with four people, naturally at a distance;
  • From 18 January 2022, PhD defenses can take place in the Aula, with a maximum of 75 people present. Here, the obligation to wear a medical mask also applies;
  • Study-related activities on campus, organised by study associations, are possible again;
  • Outdoor sports at, and sports in, SportCenter de Bongerd are again permitted. The corona entrance pass is mandatory for persons over 18 years of age, plus the wearing of a (medical) mouth mask. Only interdisciplinary competitions are permitted, without an audience.

We look forward to meeting students and providing physical education on campus again. These measures will apply at least until the next press conference, which will take place on Tuesday 24 January.

Update 04 January

After the holidays of the past week, the 3rd of January the government announced that the lock-down for higher education will be extended. The current measures will be re-evaluated on the 14th of January. This means that our education will unfortunately stay mostly online. The only exceptions are for exams, design studio’s, practical education and lab-based theses work. It remains obligatory to wear a nose-mouth mask when walking inside a building.

All existing measures will continue, for both students and employees. We therefore urge everyone to work from home and only come to campus when strictly necessary.

Stricter quarantine regulations

The current national quarantine regulations regarding COVID-19 have been updated and became stricter again. Quarantine is now extended to 7 days when you have a positive test. When you have been in close contact with someone, even if you are fully vaccinated, the government requires you to quarantine for 5 days. The only exception is when you, as ‘close contact’, have been wearing a ‘medical’ mouth-nose-mask (ii, iir or ffp2). In that case you are not considered as a ‘close contact’ and the quarantine rule doesn’t apply. For that reason, we have made ‘medical’ nose-mouth masks available for teachers and students during on-campus practicals. For students and employees who come to campus and do not conduct a practical, we advise you to provide a medical mask for yourself. Also make sure to self-test regularly, at least twice a week, to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and keep 1.5 meter distance in the building.

Update 19 December

In the past week it became clear that Omicron is spreading very rapidly in the Netherlands. The lockdown from today until at least Friday 14 January 2022 together with the accelerated booster campaign should help to cope with the pressure on care. For education, the measures apply at least until Monday, 10 January, with a weigh-in on 3 January.

Teachers will receive further information about the impact on their education in period 3 by email at the end of the afternoon on Monday.

For the applicable rules see the WUR corona protocol and the FAQ.

For students and employees of WUR the following applies:


  • Examinations/examinations (no limitation of group size) will proceed as scheduled
  • Practicals and lab work will continue
  • There is no need to keep a 1.5-metre distance for the above activities, but the call is to keep as much distance as possible.
  • The library in Forum will remain open.
  • Self-study places will remain available, up to a maximum of 75 people per room. Only with reservations.
  • PhD defenses, inaugural and farewell addresses take place online, or in the Aula (without audience).


  • All previous measures remain in force (see protocol).
  • Work at home, unless there is no alternative.
  • Location-based research can continue at WUR-locations. This means lab-work, including work in animal- and plant-facilities.
  • All non-essential facilities on the campus are closed. Sports at sports centre the Bongerd is not possible, with the exception of top sports.
  • Outdoor sports in pairs at 1.5 metres is allowed.
  • The winter programme of Student Service Centre will be adjusted.

Holidays in a small circle

The severe lockdown on our social life around the holidays has the greatest impact. This comes at the end of an already turbulent year, in which dealing with circumstances in a flexible manner makes great demands on us.

We hope nevertheless that everyone will find the peace and quiet to enjoy the holidays at home in this situation, in small circle, with family or friends.

Wageningen University & Research complies with measures advised and communicated by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Dutch government, the local health authority GGD and the travel policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Over the past months, there was a weekly update. From now on, we will issue an update whenever there are developments that affect WUR’s corona policy. Please refer to the protocol (right hand side of this page).


Check here whom to contact for what. Or reach out to info.corona@wur.nl.

Have more (general) questions? The RIVM has opened a hotline for questions: 0800-1351.