How to make sustainable and nutritious foods?

Published on
November 27, 2019

Food companies are more and more facing the challenges of making food sustainable and nutritious. One might say that sustainable food with low nutritional density is not sustainable at all as it does not contribute to our health in a positive way. Consumers do not want to choose between climate and health, they want all relevant boxes ticked in fast way.

It is a constant challenge to satisfy critical consumers, but by knowing how to calculate the right balance between product sustainability and nutrition, consumers would benefit from the additional information and decide over a product.

Join the course Qualitative & Quantitative Aspects of Sustainability in Food and improve your understanding and skills on the subject. You will learn to calculate and evaluate product sustainability and discuss the current developments like Nutriscore (appropriate or not) with scientists and food industry professionals. After the course you will be able to make more balanced product decisions and give answers to the questions of consumers or business clients concerning sustainable choices.

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