Opening academic year focuses on balance between nature and agriculture

August 28, 2020

Wageningen University & Research celebrates the official opening of the academic year mainly online. This afternoon’s topic is ‘Nature and agricultue: a continuous balancing act’. Those wanting to follow the opening online can view the live stream.

Agriculture has changed our planet. Ecosystems have been damaged, altered, destroyed, but also recovered and revitalised. Species are under direct and indirect threat but have also benefited from agriculture. The ever increasing world population that needs feeding and the transition towards a bio-based economy make finding a balance between nature and agriculture a challenge. The contributions of the various speakers this afternoon provide insight into the urgency of finding such a balance.

Programme Opening Academic Year

Following the opening address by president Louise O. Fresco, a preview of the documentary Grutto! will be shown. This is a new documentary on the black-tailed godwit, one of the icons of the melting pot of nature and agriculture in the Netherlands. The film is a production by Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern and Ruben Smit Productions.

After the preview, two young Wageningen scientists will share their view on the topic based on their research. Finally, Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol will officially open the new academic year.