Protest on campus - updates

May 15, 2024

On May 15, around 11am, a group of activists from Wageningen for Palestine occupied the bridge between Forum and Orion. Banners are hanging and some tents have been set up.

On this page we will keep track of the most important updates.

Core of the protest

Demands of the activists include giving openness regarding collaborations with Israeli institutions and companies and publishing a statement of solidarity with Palestinian universities and educational institutions.

The Executive Board has now formally received these and will meet with a delegation on May 16. The group, through spokespersons, indicates that it will stay until these demands are adequately met.

We expect the protest to remain within agreed-upon house rules and protocols.


17 May 5pm: EB met with protesters. They will continue their protest.

17 May 3.20pm: Meeting with protesters ended. EB publishes statement on

17 May 11am: EB met with protesters for a constructive talk. Next meeting is scheduled for 2.30pm

16 May 9pm: The encampment will remain overnight. A follow up meeting is planned for tomorrow 11 am.

16 May 2 pm: EB will meet with protesters at 5.30 pm today

16 May 11.30 am: Meeting between delegation of WUR and activists has taken place

16 May, 9.45 am: The EB has compiled a list of collaborations between WUR and Israeli knowledge institutes.

15 May, 8 pm: EB spoke to group in encampment to inform them on timeline next steps. Given the current situation and today’s course of the protest, the EB will condone the encampment for tonight by this group at this moment. Keep it safe, and clean. Talks will continue tomorrow.

15 May, 5.20 pm: Meeting between delegation of WUR and activists has taken place

15 May, 2:30 pm: Protest continues, no significant changes

15 May, 1 pm: Executive Board formally receives demands

15 May, 11.10 am: Building up protest

What's going on

On various campuses around the country, students and university employees have been voicing their concerns about the violence and humanitarian situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories in recent days. See WUR's response earlier this week.