SFX: A direct link between databases and documents

Published on
November 23, 2004

Wageningen Desktop Library provides access to a large number of bibliographic and full-text databases. With a growing digital collection it becomes more and more important to have simple and uniform access. Linking technology links different information sources such as bibliographic records and the full-text of publications. Until now the library depended on the per information provider different linking systems. SFX is the solution. Using SFX technology, links can be made between various electronic sources. Files, which use SFX, are able to communicate with each other. The SFX service has been added to an increasing number of files. Pressing the SFX button opens the SFX menu, displaying all the services available for that record. For example: Where can I download the full text? In which library is the material available? The SFX menu also offers additional services, such as searching for related information and adding your shortcuts to the required record in “My Library”. Using SFX, the integration of various bibliographic files is brought that much closer. When you are working at home and not at your own work station, SFX only functions if you log in via “My Library”.

(Newsletter 11-2004)