Workshop Fun of Failure

Published on
December 19, 2018

In October 2018, trainer and drama teacher Onno van Geuns gave a group of ELS colleagues a training about fun of failure, reducing our fear of failure.

Something I believe can be of value for us, as trainers, but also for our students! We did several interactive exercises and had a lot of fun.

Main exercises we did with a lot of fun turned around changing ‘yes but’ to ‘yes and’, not fearing to improvise (acting without preparation and without pre-judgement), and implementing assignments without the assessment criteria (when did I do it right and when will I hear I made a mistake?). It focussed on an attitude shift, dealing with uncertainties, not fearing to fail and enjoying intuitive experiments. Often it felt like 'unlearning' a lot self-judgement skills we have been taught.

At the end of the workshop, we received a certificate to prove our competence in having fun while failing :)

Click here for more information about the workshop fun of failure.