160 extra study places in 2017

Published on
March 1, 2017

In the summer of 2017 the Forum Library will add 160 study places.

You've probably hardly noticed it, but througout 2016 the Forum Library was working hard behind the scenes to prepare for a major revamp. We've created a new design for both the public area and the office space.

The library staff are currently spread across three floors. After the revamp they'll be located on a single floor. This internal move will free up two floors of office space. One part of this space will be converted into a ‘midoffice’. This area will be used by the library staff and their guests for courses, workshops and meetings. It will also house other support services for Wageningen researchers and students, such as the Wageningen Writing Lab. The other part of the space will be transformed into quiet study places.

We're also creating more quiet study places by moving our collection. We've already started removing older books from the Forum library to the stacks in the Forum's basement. By consolidating the staff and book spaces, we hope to add about 160 study places to the Library.