21 June: Seminar on 'Lobbying for better food' by Herman Lelieveldt

Published on
June 3, 2016

Food issues and the interplay between NGOs and corporations: conflict, cooperation or cooptation?

PAP lunch seminar 'Lobbying for better food' by Herman Lelieveldt
21 June 2016, 12:20-13:15 hours, room C81, Leeuwenborch

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What determines the outcome of naming, shaming and faming campaigns that NGOs increasingly use in order to push corporations to go beyond the minimum standards of public regulation? In this presentation I analyze these interactions as a dynamic, strategic game in which both actors essentially strive for the same goal: maintaining their public credibility. I show that the respective moves of both actors and the outcomes of these processes are not only determined by organizational characteristics but as much by the relative position of these organizations in their respective fields and the interorganizational networks in which they are embedded. I illustrate these mechanisms through a case study of the plofkip-campaign of Wakker Dier, a still ongoing campaign to increase animal welfare standards in poultry farming which was started in 2012.

Herman Lelieveldt is associate professor of political science at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg. He is the author of De Voedselparadox. Wat ons streven naar beter eten dwarsboomt (The Food Paradox. Why it’s so difficult to change our food system) (Van Gennep, 2016) and The Politics of the European Union (Cambridge University Press, 2015, with Sebastiaan Princen). He also is the convenor of the Utrecht Summer School in Food Politics.