2nd place in the ‘Vertical Farming Innovation Award' competition.

Published on
June 15, 2016

In the past few months the ‘Vertical Farming Innovation Award’ competition took place, which was organised by the AVF (Association for Vertical Farming). More than 100 teams of students from all around the world designed and planned a vertical farm. Their projects were judged and evaluated by a team of experts from universities and companies leading in the field of VF.
A team of students from Wageningen University, including Gil Schramm of HPP, and from TU Delft participated in this competition and ended as 2nd, thus winning the ‘Changemaker Award’.

The aim of the project designed by the VeGaN-team was to reduce the food miles and cut down the carbon footprint by locally producing sustainable, high quality fresh vegetables. Meanwhile reconnecting people with food production and creating a strong relationship between the consumers and the growers.

The complete project proposal is available for download here:

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